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BCF Heatset Rugs

A heat set polypropylene rug is one in which the yarn is processed to produce soft fibers that are resistant to wear and tear and repel stains. This type of rug is antistatic, which makes vacuuming easier because animal hairs and lint don’t easily adhere to the fibers

Shaggy Rugs

shaggy is a rug or carpet that has a deep pile, giving it a shaggy appearance. Carpet rakes help remove dirt and restore a uniform appearance. In recent years, shag carpeting has seen a resurgence of popularity

Friese Rugs

Frieze Carpet is made by tightly twisting fibers together to create a comfortable shaggy look. The fibers can be uniformly colored, contain specks of color or even have a barber-pole look (two different colors of yarn twisted together). Although known for its casual comfort,

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