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The human resources management approach employed within as Ninova Carpet companies responds to the specific business requirements of each industry. The design and implementation of these practices are devised to support strategic objectives.
Human Resources Policies and Principles represent the basic tenets of the Ninova Brand’s human resources management applications and priorities. This enhances the flexibility required for the special conditions and needs of widely diversified businesses.
Attracting and Recruiting the Best Talent
The goals of Human Resources Management are to:
Be the employer of choice for top talent;
Recruit talented individuals who will help support the Group going forward and adhere to the Dynasty values;
Meet the future workforce needs of the Group through a global and proactive recruiting perspective.
Investing in Our People
The main responsibilities of Human Resources Management are to:
Invest in and create an environment with opportunities for the continuous development of our employees and help them realize their potential;
Continuously track employee performance and support open communication by creating a culture where managers are accountable for employee development;
Develop and nurture employees to create a high performance global talent pool of future leaders.
Reward and Recognition
Human Resources Management strives to:
Offer a competitive compensation package to attract top talent and strengthen the commitment of existing employees;
Encourage accountability;
Reward outstanding employee contributions and performance;
Provide a level of compensation to employees commensurate with their responsibilities and the value added to the organization.
Increasing Employee Motivation and Commitment
The objectives of Human Resources Management are to:
Promote the development and expansion of an open, participatory and transparent culture that values diversity and creativity;
Proactively seek and consider employee feedback and expectations,
Continuously develop approaches that strengthen commitment, motivation and retention;
Create a safe, healthy business environment that embraces ethical values and balances personal life with career responsibilities.
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